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In the past, over years Facebook has become one of the most popular places to generate the audience. Over that same period of time, it has become much more of the pay-to-pay channel.

In the earlier days of Facebook, you can create a post and count on your audience who are seeing this. You are lucky if that content reaches even 4% of your fans. Even if you can cut through the noise and reach them, though, can say with confidence how it helps your business? Valuing your Facebook audience has been a black hole for many marketers. It’s hard to tie that audience to action down the funnel.

Facebook wants businesses to keep their audience on Facebook properties. Posts that link out to external websites often see lower reach than those without. Messenger might be the key to monetizing your Facebook audience in a delightful way. Using channels together make them work better together.

Having established one of the world’s largest messaging platforms, Facebook Messenger monetization appears to be next on the social media giant’s agenda. Roughly 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month, representing a huge untapped market. Facebook has been seriously investigating how they can leverage their user base. But Facebook Messenger monetization offers opportunities for social media marketers too.

This is the powerful way to send the automated, contextual follow-ups to your audience. There is lots of potential here across marketing, sales, and services. But if you are trying to monetize your audience, you need to be using it for conversational marketing today.

Here are a few things you should follow before starting a Facebook campaign. Let’s have a look towards it:


Facebook is mounted on Messengers Ad

Using experience gained from running the world’s largest social network, it is perfectly logical that Facebook would attempt to monetize Messenger through advertising. Facebook is leveraging what they’ve learned from users’ social network profiles to present ads in their Messenger conversations.

Mainly there are three types of ads provided by Messenger.

  1. Destination Ads
  2. Sponsored Messages
  3. Home action ads


Facebook commitment no handling fees

Facebook has also begun testing ways to facilitate transactions through Messenger. In October 2017, for instance, a new feature was released allowing users to send and receive payments from their PayPal accounts directly through the app.

Another development saw TD Ameritrade Holding providing a mechanism for account holders to trade equities through messages. These transaction-based apps show that Facebook Messenger for business could be a realistic prospect for generating revenue as well as a useful tool for social media marketing.

Importantly, Facebook is subverting expectations, refusing to charge a handling fee for transactions carried out using Messenger. Most analysts expected Facebook to follow WeChat’s lead (they charge a 0.1% handling fee for transactions carried out across their network), but this does not appear to be the case.

But as with any service, this could change at some point in the future.

App purchases are already a reality

Facebook Messenger apps provide another monetization option. Rather than expecting customers to download a dedicated app, brands can instead build apps that integrate directly with Messenger.

Take Uber for instance. Using a Messenger app built with the Transportation on Messenger feature set, customers can now hail an Uber without the dedicated Uber app. This may not be Uber’s main source of revenue, but the Messenger app providers another entry point for potential customers.

Burger King has implemented a similar feature; allowing customers to order food directly from Messenger, then pick it up in a nearby restaurant. Customers can also pay for their order in advance, all without the need to install a dedicated Burger King app.

Notably, Facebook does take a handling fee for in-app purchases—30% to be exact. This overhead will need to be factored into the overall cost of any Facebook Messenger monetization project.

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