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How to pick a perfect domain for your site

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Choosing a domain name is similar to choose a name for our company. Domain name plays an important part in the website. Domain name is the online identity to the business, so it is important to select a perfect domain name.

Selecting the best domain name for your site is really a critical task. Selection of domain name deserves time and it is essential to select a perfect domain name, choosing a wrong domain name may break your business.

Why domain name is so important?

The domain is the first impression which your visitors see in the URL. So it is important to have a domain name which is easy, simple and attractive. The Domain name will justify and tell about your business.

Here are many essential tips which you can follow while choosing your Domain Name for your business.


Choosing a short and memorable name

The first thing while selecting a domain name is the length of the name will be short and can be easily remembered by the viewers. Instead of choosing a long and difficult name it is good to select a name of short length which can’t be forgettable and catchy.


Make it easy to type

The domain name which you are choosing should be easy to type that your visitor doesn’t face any problem regarding spelling mistake while visiting your website. As you can see most of the famous websites have small, catchy and easy spelled name, for example, Google, Facebook, YouTube and many more. So it is beneficial to have a short and easy spelled domain name.


Easy to pronounce

As it is vital to have a simple spelled domain name similarly it is also important to have a domain name which can be easily pronounced. It is important that the domain name you are choosing should be pronounced by the viewer’s easily that they can tell anybody about website easily by just pronouncing the domain name. So having a domain name which can be easily pronounced is a must.


Use keywords

Use keywords while selecting your domain name that it can help in describing your business, services and the products. Keywords can also help in improving the SEO. Put the keyword at the starting of the domain, this will help you in increasing your rank.


Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

As we had discussed above that domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce. But the use of number and hyphens to your domain make both of these things difficult. So using numbers and hyphens to your domain name should be avoided.

For example, your domain name consists of number 7 the people who hear about your website doesn’t know whether they have to write 7 or spell seven or either they forget about the dash. This will misguide them, so it is vital to ignore numbers and hyphens while selecting a domain name.


Use an appropriate domain name extension

Here extensions mean suffix which is .com, .org or .net which are used at the last of your web address. These extensions have different uses so make sure the selection of the extension should be according to the business.

The .com extension is far away from most popular and used. According to research, 75% of domains have .com extension then after .net is used.

.com extension is more familiar to the peoples and can easily remember.



Your domain name has the impact on the success to your business. So it is important to choose an appropriate domain name. So choose your domain name and follow these tips. Be careful while choosing your domain name.

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