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5 Ways Web Design Impacts Customers Experience

Web Designing is one of the important parts of the online marketing. It has the huge impact on the online users.

Yours sites layout, design, purpose and other vital factors are essential to your company’s longtime success.

Your website is the first point of contact you will have with any potential customer, and as you know the first impression is the last impression so it is important that the design of your site should be attractive that the user gets attracted towards it.

In this article, we will take a look at the major aspects of web designing and how you can improve them.



Clicking on the webpage you will first see its appearance and creates a first impression on it. It is the basic nature of human beings if they like the appearance for the first time or we can say get attracted by the display then they will go for it unless they will leave it.

So basically appearance is important. The designs of the websites need not be complex but it should be attractive, updated and current that visitors can enjoy browsing. Here are some points through you can improve the appearance of your website:


  • Designs and Layouts: Assure that your website looks attractive and impressive across any device whether it is a smartphone, tablet or a laptop.


  • Selection of fonts: Make sure that the selection of fonts size and style should be easy to read and visible to the viewer. It may seem boring but it is easier for the viewers.


  • Engaging Images: Creates visual to those viewers who want quick and summarized view of the webpage. Put the images that are attractive and can tell all the details.


  • Multimedia: It is good to use videos, gifs, and mages that will engage the visitors and also attract them. Use of impressive multimedia can really make sure visitors are converted into customers.



Professionalism is also important; it shows that how professional your business is. Your visitors feel happy that they are dealing with a reputed company.

Professionalism refers to the impression you make to your visitors when they are visiting and reading your site.

Make sure that your audience knows how much trustable your company is, by adding these few elements to your site:


  • Culture page: A culture page is a page that actually tells about the company details that are the approaches, achievements and daily operations with the values and traditions.


  • Photos of staff: Put the photos of the staff and shows visitors the real people who are working behind the site, which they are contacting and who is going to do work for them.


  • Customer results: Show the reviews of the previous customers to the new customers in order to convert those potentials.



Clarity means to design your website in a manner that the visitors should understand it properly and can search what they want easily. This can be done with the help of navigation tools.

The two most significant ways of improving the clarity of the website are:


  • Breadcrumb: This aspect of web designing means that when your visitor opens a new link then there should be an option that the user can go back to the previous link. The user should be free to visit the entire site with no boundations.


  • Drop down menu: drop-down menu can help bring all your content into a category, making it easier to find for the visitor.


Load Time

Load time refers to how long someone has to wait for a page to load on your site. Load time is major Google ranking factor and it becoming necessary to online success as more consumers are using mobile internets.

Here are quick and easy ways to decrease your page loading time:


  • Optimize image size: You can optimize image size on your site that it can be load easily. To do that use .jpg files for the images. This is the best way to show high resolutions images with small size.


  • Remove Auto-Play: Remove auto-play multimedia like audios and videos. It is an irritating way to promote your business; most of the visitors will leave your page if there are so many automatic videos and audios.



Conversion is probably the most important part of web design. Developing online whether you are selling products or providing services, means converting visitors to customers.

Here are some things which you should keep in mind while developing a webpage.


  • Color Scheme: Use color scheme to highlight your call to action that the visitors can see them easily. Use bright shades such as red and yellow that visitors can see them easily and use them.


  • KISS Principle: “Keep it Simple, Stupid”, this means that the simpler designs are better designs. You don’t need loud backgrounds and graphics to sell your company online, beside this it should be simple and attractive.


  • Faces: Human faces can relate the visitor to relate your business, rather than feeling as though everything is computer generated. You can use images of your own staff; it will make visitors more comfortable in contacting you.


So, as you can see there are many simple ways to assure that your web design caters to customers and give them assurance that you are a stable and respectable company.

More visitors mean more sales and more conversions, so it is important for implementing some.


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