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Reasons to choose WordPress for Websites

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Word Press is the most popular Content Management System used by more than 70% of websites. In the recent times, there has been a huge transformation in the technologies used around the world’s largest connectivity the internet.

The fundamental element is the WordPress, which allows us to create and implement our ideas on a single platform. WordPress is a place through which we can communicate our ideas and important information.

WordPress is free to install, deploy and upgrade. WordPress consists of thousands of plugins and themes which reduces the cost of development and time.

We refer to a certain pattern that has changed the world of information technology in general such as open source free software model. Its reason is to provide software for personal and commercial use but for optional aspects such as technical support. In this way, anyone who wants to use it can do so without paying.

Another advantage is that in addition, the source code is provided that is the files with which they were programmed so that you can make all the changes you want and thus improve it to the specific needs. This change of aspects has driven a lot of programs, applications, and platforms that have been improved by the community itself, even coming to compete with large companies whose software is paid.

On this model, there is a very successful case, the well-known WordPress. Below the reasons are given why we should choose WordPress to create the website:


Free to Use

The most important reason why WordPress is chosen, since it doesn’t charge anything for using this platform, which follows the model of open source, you can download, install, modify as you want.


Versatile Nature

WordPress is designed to be a blogging website, it is the site where content is available to the audience, but you do not need to have a blog. The system is one of the most adaptable on the market since you can add endless plugins and themes.


Easy and Popular

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to learn and start. You can easily signup and make your account to start working on it. Since the order and guided configuration helps you to make it easy to get started even without having the knowledge about the subject.   At every single second, more than 17 blogs are posted on WP. WordPress can be used in many areas like blogs, CMS, Portfolio, Arcade and many more.

WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework which allows designers and developers to create, modify layouts and update applications.


Themes and Plugins

WordPress offers many themes that are available online with both options paid and free. There are 85 commercially supported themes in WordPress. Most of the time, premium themes offer more functionality and better support than their free counterparts. The theme can be of different natures like a business theme, a real state theme, a local theme which is designed to accomplish a particular task.

The plugin provides a way to add functionality to almost any WP theme. There are over 42,000 plugins in WP vault. Also, thousands of plugins are available from the outside store.


Most important CMS in the world

WordPress is the most common and popular CMS in the world. WordPress holds the largest CMS market share, it consists of 59% of shares. As a result, many users are already familiar with WP.

Open sources with rooms for expansion

WordPress can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing and upgrading. There are thousands of plugins such as slideshows, contact form, SEO Optimization and many more.


Lower setup and maintenance cost

WordPress incurs fewer setups, customization and maintenance cost in comparison to the other CMS like Joomla and Drupal. Additionally, it is relatively easy to find WP designers and developers if more customization and development is necessary.


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