Difference between WordPress and Blogger


Which is the best blogging platform?

There are many platforms through which you can share your thoughts in front of the world. There are many blogging sites which allow publishing blogs on it.

The most common and used platforms for blogging are

  • WordPress
  • BlogSpot
  • Tumbler
  • And many more…

Here in this blog, we will discuss which is better among the two WordPress and BlogSpot, the two most popular blogging sites among the bloggers.



WordPress- A brief Description!!

WordPress is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online automatically. It is run on the modified version of WordPress. It is an open piece of software used by bloggers.

WordPress provides free blog hosting for registered users and is financially supported via paid upgrades. WordPress is originated in 2003 to enhance the typography. It developed into the major self-hosting tool in the world.

By using WordPress one can start writing a blog or creating a website. WordPress is a software that is developed in PHP and MySQL.

Since its origination, it has been released in various versions. It has a core development core development team. The support to the user is provided by its main website



Blogger- A Brief Description!!

Blogger is a blog publishing platform that allows multi-user blogs.  It was developed by Pyra Labs in 2003 which was bought by Google.  The blogs which are published in blogger are hosted by Google and generally accessed by a subdomain known as

Blogger is available in many languages it allows users to select templates and customize them. When you create a blog on blogger you will automatically get a domain from BlogSpot.

Blogger is very helpful when you initially start writing blogs. When you are not writing for money and only wants to share your thoughts in front of the world and needs a platform than Blogger is the best option for you.



Comparison- Blogger v/s WordPress

Let’s start the comparison between these two very famous platforms of blogging.


Blogger is blogging provided by the Google. It is free to use anyone who wants to start writing can start with Blogger. It is not owned by you but you can share your ideas and thoughts on this platform. Google runs this service and has right to shut down it whenever they want and it can also shut down your access anytime.

On the other hand, WordPress provides you with hosting services through which you can host your own site. At WordPress you are free to run your hosting, that means you are free to decide how long you want to run it and when you want to shut down it. You have the privacy to share your data with the third party.



Blogger is a simple platform with limited tools allowing you to perform specific tasks on your website. The thing and themes on your BlogSpot blogs are limited and you can’t add extend them.

WordPress is open source software so you can easily extend it to add new features. It comprises thousands of themes and plugins through which you can modify the simple features of the WordPress.



Blogger only provides a limited set of templates to use. You can modify the color and layouts of the in-built templates but you cannot create own template and themes.

On the other hand, WordPress is full of themes and plugins. These themes are as better that you can create a very beautiful website of your own. WordPress has thousands of themes that you can find a perfect theme for your site according to the nature of the site. These themes are easily modified and customized.



At blogger, there is a risk that you can lose your SEO, subscriber, and followers when you are moving your site from Blogger to another platform.

Using WordPress you can move your data from another platform. You can move your data from WordPress site to new host and can change the domain. At WordPress, you can even move your data to another CMS.



Using Blogger you need not worry about the security of your data. You have the advantage of using Google’s’ robust security system. You need not worry about the servers’ resources, backups, and content of your blogs.

WordPress is also a secure platform, but since it is a self-hosted platform so you are responsible for the security and backups. But not to worry at WordPress there are so many plugins which help in the security of the data.



At Blogger is there limited support provided. They have very heavy documents and simple user’s forum. So basically at blogger in terms of support, you have a limited choice.

WordPress has a very high community support system. At WordPress, there is online documentation, community forums and chat rooms from where you can get help from the experiences of WordPress developers and bloggers.



Blogger provides free hosting and free subdomain, an addition of media to posts, mobile access through apps and iPhones. Also provides SMS and email blogging. It allows access to Google’s advertising schemes and many more.

WordPress provides two types of account- a premium account and a free account.

The free account includes a blog, a storage, tool to publicize the blog with social network and many more.

A Premium Upgraded account includes custom designs and domain, premium themes, additional space storage, video press for uploading and hosting of videos on a blog etc.



Advantages of using Blogger:-

  • Robust Hosting
  • Better Security
  • Fast Indexing
  • Integration with Gmail, YouTube and Google+
  • AdSense to place an advertisement

Advantages of using WordPress:-

  • Ease to use
  • Free hosting
  • Own domain name
  • Customization of blog



In Blogger there are limited designs features and also there is no plugin support.

Whereas in WordPress, no direct editing of code and no space to include non WordPress related projects is allowed.


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