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Reasons to create a website| how important a website is?

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A website is a place where you can interact with the peoples. Living in the digital world it is necessary to have a website for your business whether it is small or big. If you are running a business and you don’t have a website then you are losing a big opportunity to become famous in front of the world.

A website is a unique way to connect with the world. A website itself can be used to accomplish many marketing strategies to build up your business. You can choose a website to share your passion whether it is music, art, fashion, dance etc. in front of the whole world. Basically, a website is a key to success of your business and passion.

As it is time taking to build enough traffic to your website to make it beneficial for your business as well as company’s marketing principle. The website is the center of the company’s online presence; through a website, you can advertise your business worldwide.

What is the purpose of websites?

Purpose of a website depends on the nature of the site; different kinds of websites have different functions depending on the audience. Some websites are prepared for selling products and some are prepared for providing practical information. Nature of the site depends upon the nature of the business. Let have a look at different types of websites according to their nature.

Informative Websites:

The purpose of an informative website is to provide helpful and useful information for the audience. Informative Websites helps the viewers to collect the knowledge about the topics which they are searching for. These websites consist of information’s and contain tips and tricks, fix and repair, support information and many more.

Examples of informative websites are Wikipedia, Yahoo, and many more.

Entertainment Websites:

The websites categorized under these categories provide information related to entertainment. Pieces of information related to music, sports, movies, magazines and many more are provided through these websites.

The websites are designed easy to navigate and frequently updated in order to updates the recent and fresh stories on the sites. These websites can be made more engaging by making dynamic contents such as videos, images, slideshows etc.

Examples of these websites are Digg, TMZ, ScoopWhoop, Showbaaz, etc.

 E-Commerce Website:

Electronic commerce or E-Commerce websites are the websites which allow the activity of buying and selling products online. E-Commerce has expanded widely in the last few years. To achieve a successful e-commerce website need to integrate all the latest technologies of online closing and upsell techniques.

There are many important elements that are used to build an e-commerce website such as removing friction during the purchasing process, making the checkout smooth and easy. The most important is making the website fast and attractive. The designs of these websites should be easy that the viewer can easily understand it.

Examples of E-Commerce websites are Sanpdeal, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Service Based Business Websites:

The aim of a service-based business website is to assure website visitors that they should become a customer of the service company. This is done by fix the company as a loyal, admirable and experienced service provider in the target market.

The visitors find the best company that will meet their specific needs. They are trying to determine how expert the company is, the quality of the work they will receive, whether the provider has a good reputation and how long the company has been in business.

Social Media Websites:

The purpose of Social Media Websites is to make it very easy to connect with the friends, relatives, family members and even strangers. They are used to share daily experience, photos, videos, interest, preferences etc. social media platform is used for both commercial and personal purpose. Social Media platforms are used by the companies to make direct connections with the visitors and their customers.

This direct connection allows them to get feedback on their products and services and allows them to learn about what their customers really need and wants.

Examples of Social Media Websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and many more.

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